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Select a MeVisLab Release and operating system

If you want to develop your own C++ modules, select your compiler version - otherwise select any installer for your operating system.


Download MeVisLab 2.6.1 Stable Release

Selected Platform: Windows Visual Studio 2013 X64

MeVisLabSDK2.6.1_vc12-64.exe (1038 MB)

Please note:

  • The Windows installers are provided for different Microsoft compilers. Please note that you need to download the version that matches your compiler and that you may not mix DLLs of different compiler versions.
    Also note that the debug version of MeVisLab will not run until the corresponding Visual Studio (including Service Packs) has been installed. We cannot include the MSVC debug runtime DLLs, because Microsoft does not allow to redistribute them.
  • MeVisLab and all modules are built with Visual Studio 2013.

For details on changes in this release, see MeVisLab Release Notes. Please read the Licensing page for MeVisLab licensing details.