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3-06-10 15:00
MeVisLab 2.1 Release Candidate


MeVis Medical Solutions and Fraunhofer MEVIS announce the MeVisLab 2.1 Release Candidate

MeVisLab 2.1 Release Candidate available

The new MeVisLab 2.1 Release Candidate represents a major update of the MeVisLab SDK software. We provide this release candidate to get feedback from the MeVisLab community. We plan to release the final 2.1 version by the end of June 2010.

This is the first MeVisLab version that makes use of the Qt Framework under the LGPL Open Source license. This opens new horizons for MeVisLab SDK users by allowing to script the complete Qt API and to extend MeVisLab with custom Qt widgets.

The highlights of this version are:

  • IDE improvements (quicksearch, network rendering, ...)

  • Profiling inspector offers built-in memory and notification profiling within MeVisLab

  • New and improved UI controls (WebView, ListView, style sheet support)

  • NumPy is now bundled with Python distribution of MeVisLab

  • It is now possible to develop ML image processing modules using Python

  • ML Image Processing API was renovated and offers much nicer API

  • New MLBackgroundTasks API offers ML background processing via threads

  • The GVR VolumeRenderer now supports user extensions to its shader pipeline

  • New TestCenter testing framework offers writing functional tests using Python and MeVisLab networks

  • Update to Qt 4.6.2 under LGPL license

  • The whole Qt framework is now scriptable via Python

  • New MDL Control plugin API allows to extend the MDL with custom Qt widgets

  • ITK/VTK updated to latest stable version

  • Various new modules contributed by MMS and FME

  • Mac OS X 64bit version (32-bit version has been discontinued)

See the MeVisLab Release Notes and What's new in MeVisLab 2.1 for details on improvements and new features.

The MeVisLab 2.1 Release Candidate is available for download on all supported platforms at the MeVisLab Download Page.

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