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6-02-06 11:00
VTK and ITK AddOn release


Complete VTK and ITK integration into the MeVisLab development environment is available

VTK (The Visualization Toolkit) and
ITK (The Insight Toolkit) are OpenSource toolkits for Visualization and Medical Image Processing.

We are proud to present a unique integration of VTK and ITK algorithms into MeVisLab. Over 200 ITK modules and over 600 VTK modules are now available for use in MeVisLab, including the ITK registration framework.
Most modules contain nice example networks and most examples of the ITK book are available as MeVisLab networks.

Both VTK and ITK AddOns are released as installers that can be installed on top of a MeVisLab 1.3 installation and are available for download.

This allows to use ITK for visual programming instead of tedious C++ template programming. The new modules can easily be combined with the over 500 modules that MeVisLab itself already provides.
No compilation of ITK is required and the ITK filters benefit from the MeVisLab data caching mechanisms.

The VTK integration adds exciting new possibilities to the MeVisLab environment, almost all VTK algorithms are available as MeVisLab modules and even the combination of OpenInventor and VTK is possible with the
SoVTK module, which allows to render VTK objects inside of an OpenInventor scene graph. So now you have the bset of both worlds, VTK and OpenInventor, tightly integrated.

Both releases are alpha, especially the VTK integration needs you feedback, because we could not test several hundred modules yet. The ITK integration is mostly called "alpha" because some ITK modules are not very robust to automatic wrapping.

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