MeVisLab 1.5 Release Candidate

MeVis Research is proud to announce the MeVisLab 1.5 Release Candidate, which adds Mac OS X support!

The MeVisLab 1.5 SDK is available for three Microsoft compilers, Mac OS X, and Linux. This is the first time that we release a "Release Candidate", and we would be happy to get as much feedback as possible to make the final MeVisLab 1.5 Release as good as possible.

We need your help to test the "Release Candidate" on all these platforms!

The highlights of the 1.5 release are:

  • Brand new Mac OS X version
  • Support for Microsoft .Net 2003 and Visual Studio 2005
  • New Contour Segmentation Object (CSO) library
  • New SoShader framework providing a framework to use the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) in MeVisLab networks.
  • ITK/VTK integration updated to newest library versions
  • New ITKVTKGenerator tool for integrating your own ITK/VTK modules into MeVisLab
  • Major library update (Qt4, SoQtMeVis, thirdparty libraries)
  • Many new and improved modules

See the MeVisLab release notes for details on the improvements and new features.
We decided to only release one big SDK installer instead of various AddOns.
The MeVisLab SDK now contains:

  • MeVisLab Standard Modules
  • MeVisLab Module SDK
  • ITK/VTK Modules (which used to be two separate AddOns)
  • Open Inventor SDK (which used to be a separate installer)

Have fun with this release!