Image Processing Research and Development

MeVisLab represents a powerful, modular framework for image processing research and development with a special focus on medical imaging. It allows fast integration and testing of new algorithms and the development of clinical application prototypes.

MeVisLab includes advanced software modules for segmentation, registration, volumetry, as well as quantitative morphological and functional analysis. Several clinical prototypes have been realized on the basis of MeVisLab, including software assistants for neuro-imaging, dynamic image analysis, surgery planning, and cardiovascular analysis.

The implementation of MeVisLab makes use of a number of well known third-party libraries and technologies, most importantly the application framework Qt, the visualization and interaction toolkit Open Inventor, the scripting language Python, and the graphics standard OpenGL.

MeVisLab is developed by MeVis Medical Solutions AG in close cooperation with the research institute Fraunhofer MEVIS. A part of the modules contained in the MeVisLab distribution are directly contributed by Fraunhofer MEVIS.