MeVisLab 1.3 Released

The next major release of MeVisLab is ready for download

We are proud to present the latest MeVisLab 1.3 version. It contains a lot of exciting new modules and features and many bug fixes.

The Windows and Linux versions of the 1.3 release is available for download immediately.

The highlights of the 1.3 release are:

  • High Quality multi-resolution Volume Rendering with a new version of the Giga Voxel Render
  • Winged Edge Mesh library and modules (WEM)
  • Improved ITK integration and new VTK integration (see Addons)
  • New OpenInventor modules: SoView2DScene, SoFrameBufferRenderer, ...
  • SmallImageInterface for simple image processing examples in educational contexts

See the MeVisLab release notes for details on the improvements and new features. Please note that you also need to update the OpenInventor for MeVisLab installation if you want to develop own modules based on OpenInventor.