MeVisLab 1.4 Released

A new major release of MeVisLab is ready for download

We are proud to present the latest MeVisLab 1.4 version. Together with many new and improved modules, it fixes various bugs that have been reported by MeVisLab users.

The Windows and Linux versions of the 1.4 release is available for download immediately.

The highlights of the 1.4 release are:

  • New OutputInspector that features data dependend viewers and is extensible for user data types
  • Improved Giga Voxel Render, including slab rendering on SoView2D and transparent geometry rendering
  • Updated and new Winged Edge Mesh (WEM) modules
  • SoDepthPeelRenderer offers transparent geometry rendering of unsorted meshes

Together with this MeVisLab release, we also release
new versions of ITK and VTK integration, updated to latest ITK and VTK versions.

See the MeVisLab release notes for details on the improvements and new features.