MeVisLab 1.5.1 Maintenance Release

MeVis Research provides a MeVisLab 1.5.1 maintenance release for the Windows, Linux and MacOS X platforms. This release contains several bug fixes introduced after the recent 1.5 release.

The MeVisLab 1.5.1 SDK maintenance release is now available for all currently supported platforms, i.e. Microsoft Windows (compilers VC6, .NET 2003, and VS 2005), Mac OS X, and Linux.

This release contains numerous bug fixes introduced after the 1.5 release, including fixes to core functionality and the IDE, to the scripting engines, and to several modules and libraries. For a complete list of changes, see the MeVisLab release notes.

As with the 1.5 release, the 1.5.1 SDK is released as one big installer instead of various AddOns.
The MeVisLab 1.5.1 SDK contains:

  • MeVisLab Standard Modules
  • MeVisLab Module SDK
  • ITK/VTK Modules (which used to be two separate AddOns)
  • Open Inventor SDK (which used to be a separate installer)

Thanks to everyone who supported the improvements realized in this release.