MeVisLab 1.6 Release Candidate

MeVis Research announces the MeVisLab 1.6 Release Candidate

The MeVisLab 1.6 SDK Release Candidate is available for all supported platforms (Windows VC6/VC7/VC8, Mac OS X, Linux)

The highlights of the 1.6 release are:

  • New Welcome Screen with demo networks and links to documentation
  • Integrated TextEditor with syntax highlighting, indention, completion and a context sensitive help
  • Improved Scripting Console
  • Volume Rendering now supports up to 4 additional volumes
  • WingedEdgeMesh (WEM) library has been redesigned and improved
  • Many new and improved modules

See the MeVisLab release notes for details on the improvements and new features.

Have fun with this Release Candidate and let us know if you encounter any problems!