MeVisLab 3.1 Stable Release Available

MeVis Medical Solutions and Fraunhofer MEVIS announce the MeVisLab 3.1 Stable Release

The 3.1 release of the MeVisLab SDK software includes updates to various thirdparty libraries, bug fixes, and improvements to various modules.

Some of the highlights are:

  • The Python interpreter was updated to version 3.6 (from 2.7). Please read the release notes regarding porting your Python code.
  • We added WEM/CSO modules for voxelization, smoothing and boolean operations (using the OpenVDB library)
  • The new MeVis Path Tracer framework for photo-realistic rendering of volume and mesh data (requires an NVidia GPU/Cuda)
  • Various new modules

Support for Visual Studio 2013 has been discontinued, we also stopped providing a 32bit version on Windows.

The Linux variant of this release is still built for Ubuntu 16.04. We plan to switch this to Ubuntu 18.04 for the next maintenance release.

See the MeVisLab Release Notes for details on all improvements. The MeVisLab 3.1 Stable Release is available for download on all supported platforms at the MeVisLab Download page.