MeVisLab 3.4 Stable Release Available

MeVis Medical Solutions and Fraunhofer MEVIS announce the MeVisLab 3.4 Stable Release

The 3.4 release of the MeVisLab SDK software includes updates to some thirdparty libraries, assorted bug fixes, and improvements to various functionality.

    On Windows we provide a Visual Studio 2017 version which can also be used with Visual Studio 2019.

    For Linux we provide a version that has been compiled on Ubuntu 18.04. It should also work with Ubuntu 20.04 and (hopefully) other current Linux distributions.

    The macOS version requires at least macOS 10.14 (Mojave), but will probably not work with the upcoming macOS 11 (Big Sur). So if you need to use MeVisLab on macOS it is advisable to not upgrade macOS until we release a version that is compatible with Big Sur.

    See the MeVisLab Release Notes for details on all improvements. The MeVisLab 3.4 Stable Release is available for download on all supported platforms at the MeVisLab Download page.