Physically-based Path Tracing @ MeVisLab

The following screenshots have been rendered with the MeVis Path Tracer, an interactive photorealistic Monte Carlo Path Tracer running on CUDA GPUs. The path tracer is part of the MeVisLab SDK. For screenshot copyright information, see the end of the page.

CT scan of a heart, distracting structures have been cut away using a mask volume.

Mixed volume and mesh visualization of a segmented liver. It demonstrates the support for clipping planes and transparent meshes.

Whole body CT with segmented bones.

Industrial CT scan of an engine. Dataset courtesy of Varex Industrial CT Services & Engineering.

Stag beetle micro CT scan, rendered with clipping plane and transparent ISO surface. Dataset courtesy of TU-Wien.

DTI fiber tracking, rendered using analytical thick lines (no triangles are generated).

Sources and copyright notices

Copyright by MeVis Medical Solutions AG. All rights reserved.

The MeVis Path Tracer is a completely refactored and substantially extended fork of the "ExposureRender" framework by Thomas Kroes, whom we want to thank for the great paper and for open sourcing the renderer: "An interactive photo-realistic volume rendering framework", T. Kroes, F. H. Post, C. P. Botha

Stag beetle dataset: TU-Wien

Industrial CT engine dataset: Varex Industrial CT Services & Engineering