MeVisLab Software Development Kit (SDK)

Using the MeVisLab Software Development Kit (SDK), a developer is able to implement and test own algorithms, visualization or interaction methods, or even complete processing workflows. The MeVisLab SDK offers a variety of features that support module programming, scripting, and network development.

  • Module Development
  • Easy integration of own image processing, visualization and interaction algorithms using a flexible, structured C++ interface
  • Object-oriented API for integrating own non-image object data types
  • Encapsulation of subnetworks in macro modules with a user-defined module and user interfaces
  • Build macro modules without C++ programming


  • Wizards for image processing, visualization, and macro modules
  • Create and compile your own C++ image processing module in minutes


  • Hierarchical, abstract GUI description language
  • Python for advanced scripting
  • Python engine and debugger integrated
  • Scripting API with access to
    • modules
    • parameter fields
    • GUI controls additional services (file access, process control, timers, etc.)
  • Python based image processing using numpy
  • Python wrappers for MeVisLab specific data objects, including WEMs, CSOs, curve data, marker lists, DICOM tag data, etc.

Developer IDE

The MeVisLab SDK comes with an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports the visual network programming approach and offers a wide range of trouble shooting, debugging, and documentation tools.

General Features

  • Configurable IDE using docking windows
  • Intuitive module search (advanced search by author, keyword, genre, etc.)
  • Screenshot gallery
  • Console windows for scripting and debug output

Visual Programming

  • Data-flow modeling in visual network documents
  • Output inspector to dynamically view data objects in a module network
  • Intuitive user interface supporting copy & paste and undo & redo
  • Drag & drop parameter synchronization between modules
  • Module and connection inspectors

Developer Tools

  • Integrated text editor with dynamic, context sensitive auto completion, and code highlighting
  • Graphical UI editor
  • Integrated Python debugger
  • Integrated profiler and event tracker
  • Integrated module help editor