Modules for Visualization

MeVisLab provides modules for visualizing image data and other data objects in 2D and 3D.

A set of lookup table (LUT) modules allows applying basic window/level adjustment or flexible color encoding schemes. The visualization functionality in MeVisLab is based on the well-established visualization and interaction library Open Inventor.

The following is an overview over the most important visualization functionalities in MeVislab (see also the separate page on Volume Rendering).

2D Image Viewer

  • Fast, modular, extensible 2D viewer
  • Slab rendering (volume rendering/MIP)
  • Multiplanar reformation (MPR): oblique, double oblique, curved along a vessel path
  • Customizable annotations
  • Contour and color overlays, glyph maps
  • Point and region of interest (ROI) selection
  • Marker object editor (supports points, vectors, discs, spheres, etc.)
  • Combined 2D/3D rendering

Lookup Tables

  • Modular library to define and modify lookup tables (LUTs)
  • Define lookup tables using a LUT editor or LUT primitives
  • Various modules to combine or compose a LUT from multiple input LUTs
  • Support for single and multi-channel LUTs (gray, alpha, RGB, RGBA)
  • Support for 2D and higher dimensional LUTs


  • Interactive curve and area diagrams with multiple drawing and selection modes
  • Time-intensity curves and other curve data generated from image data
  • Various labeling and styling options
  • Integration of the Python based matplotlib plotting library